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Highlights aus Cannes: Health Lions ’15 (Tag 1)

Am 19./20. Juni fand die 2015er Ausgabe des Health Lions Festivals, das weltweit größte Kreativfestival für die Healthcare-Branche, in Cannes statt. Nirgendwo sonst ist die Power, die hinter Kreativität steht, mehr zu spüren als im sommerlichen Nizza – und dies gilt auch für die Healthcare-Branche, die sonst eher als angestaubt und traditionsbehaftet angesehen wird. Als Gewinnerin einer internen Ausschreibung (wir berichteten) durfte sie mit der Weber Shandwick Delegation nach Cannes. Viele interessante Panels, Vorträge, Keynotes und spannende Entdeckungen später präsentiert sie uns nun ihre ganz persönlichen Highlights. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Weber Shandwick pushing boundaries in healthcare

sextoysOne of the most provoking sessions at Lions Health this year was hosted by our very own Stacey Bernstein – Head of US Digital Health – and Jeordan Legon – Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. And it wasn’t just the captivating name of the session – Sex toys and MS. What grabbed the attention of the delegates at Palais des Festivals in Cannes was rather that Novartis was brave enough to ferociously voice the need to challenge the standards of health communications and dare to push the envelope. “We can’t say we can’t do this or that. We have to talk the way patients talk, even if it means being a little uncomfortable”.

Check out Living Like You, the campaign at the core of this thought-provoking panel session that took center stage at Lions Health this year.


Session by McCann Health

“Failure is often a better educator than success”

Shane Koyczan_Spoken Word Artist_2Our fellow agency McCann delivered a great opening session that certainly set the mood for the rest of the Lions Health festival. The audience at the Palais des Festivals was touched by Shane Koyczan’s (Author, poet, librettist, and self-described spoken word artist) poetry session based on his personal life experiences. Some of his quotes could easily translate into our jobs as communicators: “People say too often: Make no attempt, no one has done that before”, “failure is not as important as the fact that we tried”, “we make real what we dream”. Afterwards, Russian film director Ilya Naishuller told us about the challenges in his pursuit for success in the film industry and the times he has faced rejection, especially when he shot this video. (WARNING: This video contains violence that viewers may find disturbing).


Millennial Generation

Rethinking healthcare communication for the next-generation physicians

Lucien Engelen_Director REshapeWe all know what defines the millennial generation – but when it comes to healthcare professionals, can we really talk about millennial doctors? The answer is “yes” and the myriad of apps and digital solutions out there are redefining the patient – doctor relationship. During the session “Paging Dr. Millenial”, Lucien Engelen, Director of REshape Center for Innovation at Radboud University Medical Center, explored the key characteristics and trends of this new generation of doctors and the way t hey approach patient care, their use of technology in their profession and their perceptions and beliefs about the pharmaceutical industry.


Google’s take on healthcare

David Blair_Google_1“We no longer go online. We live online.”

David Blair, Head of Industry for Health at Google zoomed in on that one device that, according to him, will continue to place a central role in healthcare: the mobile phone. Sometimes phones are our primary care physician. As an example, he presented SkinBetter, an app that captures a photo of your skin and creates a self-reported skin history.


Self-optimization trend

Unleashing the potential of apps to turn intent into action

Nelli Lähteenmäki_CEO YOU appThere are 1.5 million apps out there. But only 20% of the people use the apps they download. In fact, people have around 25 apps on their phones, but they only use 5 on average. Health apps need to work harder to really stand out. Nelli Lähteenmäki discussed how her passion to foster positive behavior change through creative use of technology led into a collaboration with Jamie Oliver to launch YOU-app to inspire small actions for a happy and healthy life.



Watch a full review video of highlights from the Lions Health Festival here.